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Recs Masterlist

This is the masterlist of all fic recs made here. Recs are organised alphabetically by title. The links will take you to the entry for that rec, which includes a link to the original fic, its summary, as well as a small paragraph on why the fic is recommended.

For other ways to view recs, please see the Rec Tags section on the sidebar.

19 1/2 First Dates by xylodemon (HP: Lily/James, NC-17, one-shot)

20 Facts About Gabrielle Delacour by nope (HP: Gabrielle, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Across a Wizard's Heart by Ajax (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, chaptered)

The Affairs of Dragons by edenfalling (Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Morwen, Gen, G, one-shot)

After the End by Arabella and Zsenya (HP: Multiple Pairings, R, chaptered)

Alive On Air by loneraven (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

All Our Tomorrows by sandrine (HP: Rose/Scorpius, PG-13, one-shot)

All Things Peculiar by miss_morland (HP: Snape/Luna, PG, one-shot)

Always Keep a Quill Handy by lalalaleigha (HP: Lily, James, McGonagall, Gen, G, one-shot)

And Climb on Every Rung by BlackEyedGirl (Bridge to Terebithia: Jesse/Leslie, PG-13, one-shot)

and this, my lovely child, is your garden by honey_wheeler (HP: Bill/Fleur, PG-13, one-shot)

Animorphs 4X: The Facade by bucketmouse (Animorphs: Marco, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Appearances by rosemaryandrue (Chrestomanci: Julia Chant, Gen, G, ficlet)

Around the Bend by chaineddove (CCS: Eriol/Kaho, G, ficlet)

The Art of Torture by vnfan (Twilight: Edward/Bella/Jacob, R, one-shot)

As Human as to Breathe by kennahijia (HP: Dumbledore/Grindelwald, PG-13, one-shot)*

As You Mean to Go On by brooklinegirl (Love Actually: Multiple characters/pairings, PG, one-shot)

At the Other End by misanagi (HP: Terry, Anthony, Michael, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Baby Names by such_heights (HP: Lily/James, Sirius, Gen, PG, ficlet)

Bar Maid (Or, Five Lives Rosmerta Never Changed) by snegurochka_lee (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Barstool Mates by magikcatfics (HP: Neville, Gen, PG-13, ficlet)

Bargains by gehayi (HP: Peter, Snape, Gen, G, one-shot)

Battles with Bludgers by lorelei_lynn (HP: Molly, Gen, G, one-shot)

Beautiful Days by asyndeta (HP: Tom/Merope, Tom/Cecilia, R, chaptered)

Best Mother in the World by lorelei_lynn (HP: Petunia, Harry, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Beyond the Cromwell Road by bookwormsarah (Ballet Shoes: Fossil sisters, G, one-shot)

Beyond the Frame by st_aurafina (HP: Sir Cadogan, Gen, G, one-shot)

A Bit Unhealthy by annafugazzi (HP: George/Angelina, NC-17, chaptered)

Bittersweet by shewhoguards (Narnia: Edmund, Gen, G, ficlet)

Blue Eyes by automaticdoor (Little House: Nellie Oleson, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Boy Who Lives by iamshadow (HP: Harry, A/U, Gen, one-shot)

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side by thenewradical (Chrestomanci: Cat, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Bravest Man by Mrs. Hyde (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG, one-shot)

Brush Contact by Wild_Iris (Chrestomanci: Estelle, Gen, G, one-shot)

By the Waves We Left Behind by opheliarising (Time Quartet: Dennys/Yalith, PG, one-shot)

Captive by magentabear (HP: Luna, Death Eaters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Cast a Long Shadow (We All Meet in the End) by edenfalling (HP: Petunia, Lily, Snape, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Catechism by Dreamfall (HP: Harry, Dursleys, Gen, PG-13, chaptered)

Charlie and the Unfortunate Discovery by RedSioda (HP: Charlie, Bill, Crack, R, one-shot)

Chasing Dragons by lls_mutant (HP: Charlie, Gen, G, one-shot)

Chicken Money by redgear (Anne of Green Gables: Marilla, Matthew, Anne, Gen, G, one-shot)

A Child's Play by rougered (HP: Teddy, Harry, Hugo, Gen, G, ficlet)

A Chosen Path by midnight_birth (HP: Firenze, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Christmas on the Dai Llewellyn Ward by Emily Anne (HP: Remus, OC, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Clarity by ozma_katiebell (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG-13, one-shot)

A Cloak, Many Colours, and the Boy Who Didn't Live by snegurochka_lee (HP: James (Sr), Gen, PG, one-shot)

Come and find me lying in the bed I made by anythingbutgrey (THG: Mrs Everdeen, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Come On, Sport by elmathelas (Time Quartet: Charles Wallace, Gen, G, one-shot)

Coming Out of Hiding by kerrymdb (HP: Neville, Gen, G, one-shot)

Common Threads by honey_wheeler (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Conclusions by magentabear (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Conversation with McGonagall by MagikCat (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot)

Countdown: 2008 Quidditch World Cup by kaymbee (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Crossroads by Emmyjean (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, chaptered)

The Cruelest Months by gehayi (HP: Blacks, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Cryptograph by maple_mahogany (HP: Ron/Hermione, R, one-shot)

Cup of Fire by lyras (HP: Sextet, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Death and King's Cross by sciathan_file (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Desheret by RedSioda (HP: Bill, Charlie, OC, R, one-shot)

Desk Duty by Mosylu (HP: Madam Pince, Gen, G, one-shot)

Deuteragonist by pinkdigi (HP: Ron/Hermione angst, PG-13, one-shot)

The Diarist by RedSioda (HP: Ron/OC, NC-17, one-shot)

Distance Summoning by kylegirl (Chrestomanci: Christopher, Millie, Gen, G, one-shot)

Don't Be a Scrooge by dropsofviolet (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura, Eriol, G, one-shot)

Don't Need No Credit Card to Ride This Train by thistlerose (HP: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, PG-13, one-shot)

Draco Malfoy is a Stupid Wanker by emmagrant01 (HP: Romilda, Harry/Draco, R, one-shot)

Dual Orbit by Madhumalati (CCS: Touya/Yukito/Yue, PG, chaptered)

Dudley Dursley and the Hogwarts Letter by kindkit (HP: Dudley, AU, Gen, G, one-shot)

Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness by Thanfiction (HP: Neville, Multiple characters and pairings, R, chaptered)

Duties of the Hostess by wotcher_wombat (HP: Dorea/Charlus, PG, one-shot)

The Dying of the Light by lyras (HP: Longbottoms, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Echoes of Charlie by castiron (Eight Cousins: Rose Campbell, Gen, G, one-shot)

Eight of Swords, Nine of Wands by vegablack62 (HP: Lavender, Neville, Gen, one-shot)

Ella's True Love by tani (HMC: Howl/Sophie, G, one-shot)

The Elusive Snorkack by kethlenda (HP: Luna/Dean, G, one-shot)

End of the Line by shewhoguards (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, G, chaptered)

End of the World by fernwithy (THG: Haymitch, Gen, R, chaptered)

The Enforcer by placebetween (HP: Lily/James, PG, one-shot)

Entwined by Jedi Boadicea (HP: Lily/James, PG, one-shot)

Estate of Sirius Black v Ministry of Magic by GeorgePushdragon (HP: McGonagall, Ministry, Crackfic, PG-13, one-shot)

Expected and Unexpected by thistlerose (HP: McGonagall, Lovegoods, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Facts and Fictions by i_am_girlfriday (Twilight: Rosalie, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Falling by Saiph (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, one-shot)

Falling by peki (Twilight: Edward/Bella, PG, one-shot)

Falling Slowly by irislock (HP: Harry/Ginny, R, chaptered)

The Family Business by flyingcarpet (HP: Draco, Gen, G, one-shot)

Family Plagues by roga (HP: Bill, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Family Reunion by florahart (HP: Harry, Petunia, Gen, G, one-shot)

Family Ties by midnitemaraud_r (HP: Teddy, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Ferris Wheel by starfairy2 (CCS: Touya, Sakura, Gen, G, drabble)

Field Work by daisymaeevans (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG-13, one-shot)

Finding the Magic by ceirdwenfc (HP: Fred Jr, Gen, R, one-shot)

Firebolt by bitterfig (HP: Snape/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot)

Five Dead Women by snegurochka_lee (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, R, one-shot)

Five Domestic Moments by LaFemmeDarla (HMC: Howl/Sophie, G, one-shot)

Five Moments of Doubt by bagheera (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Five - or Six - Conversations in the Room of Requirement during Seventh Year by kaymbee (HP: Multiple pairings, PG-13, one-shot)

five people lily evans never fell in love with by _thirty2flavors (HP: Lily, multiple almost-pairings, PG-13, ficlet)

Five Times Ron Weasley Gives Hermione Granger a Piece of Jewellery, and One Time He Doesn't by wanderhomeagain (HP: Ron/Hermione, R, one-shot)

Five Women Who Hate Fleur Delacour by snegurochka_lee (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Floreat Hogwartsa by allie_potter (HP: Justin Finch-Fletchley, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Flying Hours by melusinahp (HP: Neville, Luna, Gen, G, one-shot)

For the Greater Good by gilpin25 (HP: Marauders, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

For Want of a ... by velvetmouse (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Forging Ahead by willow_wand (HP: Snape, Gen, PG, drabble)

Fortune by mickawber_fics (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot)

Forward by dropsofviolet (CCS: Tomoyo, Syaoran, Gen, G, one-shot)

Forward Motion by tehgiantsquid (HP: Ron/Hermione, NC-17, one-shot)

Four Secrets That Asteria Greengrass Kept And One She Didn't by vegablack62 (HP: Asteria Greengrass, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Four Things Edward Cullen Can Never Forgive Himself For, And One Thing He Can by papered (Twilight: Edward/Bella, PG-13, ficlet)

Four Times Edward and Bella Cullen didn't make love (And one time they did) by peki (Twilight: Edward/Bella, R, one-shot)

Four Weddings by purelush (HP: Theodore/Pansy, R, one-shot)

The Friar's Calling by chthonya (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Frog Prince by mklutz (Ella Enchanted: Ella, Mandy, Gen, G, one-shot)

From Mathematics Further Off by fox1013 (Time Quartet: Meg Murry, Gen, G, one-shot)

Funeral for a Friend by Mizaya (HP: Weasley twins, Gen, G, one-shot)

Furry Little Problem by fell_beast2 (HP: Remus, others, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Getting Awfully Important by snowballjane (White Boots: Harriet, Lalla, Gen, G, one-shot)

Getting Ready by florahart (HP: Weasleys, Gen, G, ficlet)

Ginny Weasley and the Curse of the First-Born by anniepenrose (HP: Draco/Ginny, R, chaptered)

Glad Grace by jtav (HP: Oliver, Ginny, Gen, G, one-shot)

Going Forward by vegablack62 (HP: Dumbledore's Army, Gen, G, ficlet)

Going Mad by attilatehbun (HP: Dean/Luna, PG, ficlet)

Golden In the Mercy of His Means by nebroadwe (TRC: Multiple characters, Gen, G, one-shot)

A Good Way to Fall by lady_altair (HP: Moody, Gen, PG, ficlet)

Guttering by kethlenda (HP: Merope, Gen, PG, one-shot)

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle by magnetic_pole (HP: Lily, Gen, PG-13, ficlet)

Hands by dev_chieftain (TRC: C!'Syaoran'/Sakura-hime, PG-13/R, one-shot)

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dark Lord by a_t_rain (HP: Death Eaters, Gen, G, one-shot)

Hard Bargain by magnetic_pole (HP: Snape, Gen, G, ficlet)

Harry Potter and the New Edition by minnow_53 (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Harry Potter: Hotheaded Hooligan, or Heroic Husband? by magglenagall (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot)

Harry's Man, Through and Through by snorkackcatcher (HP: Neville, Dumbledore, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

A Hat Never Lies by marginaliana (HP: Neville, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Hearing by undercloakkept (HP: Ron/Hermione, Rose, PG, drabble)

Here Goes Nothing by Tawnykit (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura, Nadeshiko, PG-13, one-shot)

Hereditary by sanj (Time Quartet: O'Keefes and Murrys, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Hermafrosts by annafugazzi (HP: Fred/Angelina, NC-17, chaptered)

Highway Code by shewhoguards (HP: Ron/Hermione, G, one-shot)

Highway Lessons by Melannen (Juniper/Wise Child: Angharad, Gen, G, one-shot)

hoping's very fears by ndnickerson (PD: Ned/Chuck, PG-13, one-shot)

The House That Cedric Built by annafugazzi (HP: Draco/Asteria, R, one-shot)

If at first you don't succeed by mushimimi (HMC: Howl, Calcifer, Gen, G, one-shot)

If I Wrote You by googlebrat (HP: Dumbledore, Gen, G, one-shot)

If You Try Sometimes by kaymbee (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Impressions by opheliet (HP: Alicia Spinnet, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

In the Blink of an Eye by that_writr (Twilight: Edward/Bella, AU, R, chaptered)

In the House of the Quick and Hungry by LauraSmora (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG, chaptered)

Into the Dark by kaymbee (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Into the Fold by pasi (HP: Snape, Gen, PG-15, chaptered)

Jogging by antonia_east (HP: Trio, Gen, PG-13, ficlet)

La Familia by sesame_seed (Chrestomanci: Multiple characters, Gen, G, one-shot)

La Tua Cantante by jacyevans (Twilight: Edward/Bella, PG-13, one-shot)

The Last Mudblood by furiosity (HP: Neville, Gen, AU, R, one-shot)

A Law of the Medes and Persians by snorkackcatcher (HP: Multiple characters, H/G, R/Hr, PG, chaptered)

L'Etranger by reverdybrune (HP: Sextet, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

left dreaming in the treetops by hyacinthian (THG: Peeta, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Let the Water Hold You Down by lls_mutant (HP: Peter, Gen, R, 2 chapters)

Let us not talk falsely by lyras (HP: Arthur, Pansy, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Letters and Secrets by verseblack (HP: Phineas/Ursula, PG, one-shot)

A Life Closed Twice Before Its Close by tosca1390 (HP: Harry/Ginny, NC-17, one-shot)

The Life That I Have by athousandwinds (Chrestomanci: Christopher/Millie, Conrad, G, one-shot)

Lily's Ten Reasons Why Not by grimmauld_fics (HP: Lily/James, PG, one-shot)

The Lions of Gryffindor by lyras (HP: Longbottoms, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

A Little More Time by jesspallas (HP: Remus/Tonks, Teddy, PG-13, chaptered)

The Little Ones by furiosity (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Long Memories by shimotsuki (HP: Remus, Gen, G, one-shot)

Lost for Words by Solstice Muse (HP: Trio, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Lotus Reborn by Peacewish (CCS: Meilin/OC, R, chaptered)

The Love Train by katieay (HP: Teddy/Victoire, PG-13, one-shot)

Lover's Crossroads by kjcp (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG-13, one-shot)

Makes Me End Where I Begun by virginia_bell (HP: Lily/James, PG, one-shot)

Marauder's Roost by fernwithy (HP: Teddy/Victoire, PG, one-shot)

The Measure Of A Man by gilpin25 (HP: James, Gen, R, one-shot)

The Medicine Man by Sharksdontsleep (Graceling: Raffin/Bann, PG-13, one-shot)

Meet Ginevra by thistlerose (HP: Ginny, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Molly's War by a_t_rain (HP: Molly, Sirius, Remus, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Moon-Cursers by Grace has Victory (HP: Remus/OC, R, chaptered)

The Moon-Ruled by Madhumalati (CCS: Touya/Yukito/Yue, PG, chaptered)

Most Charming Smile by Hazelle (HP: Romilda, Gen, PG, chaptered)

The Most Marvelous Bat-Bogey Hex by Antosha (HP: Ginny, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Mr Potter Lives for a Day by snegurochka_lee (HP: Albus Potter, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

The Muggles of Ottery St. Catchpole by Stubefied (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, chaptered)

The Murder at Missel Hall by rosemaryandrue (Chrestomanci: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

My Father Before Me by jtav (HP: Cedric, Teddy, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Nanoseconds by chimbomba (HP: Voldemort/Bellatrix, PG, drabble)

Narrow Path by fernwithy (THG: Haymitch/Effie, Multiple others, R-NC17, chaptered)

Neither Save nor Destroy by thistlerose (THG: Thresh, Rue, Gen, G, ficlet)

No Doubts by castiron (Little House: Charles/Caroline, Laura/Almanzo, PG, one-shot)

Not Quite Fate by Hearts Cadence (HP: Draco/Ginny, PG-13, chaptered)

Not-Quite-Friends by fwibble (HP: Lily, Snape, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Of Smiting and Sugar Mice by Rosie_Rues (Chrestomanci: Multiple characters, Gen, G, one-shot)

Oh, Monkey Trumpets by attilatehbun (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

On the Threshold by Mizaya (HP: Arthur/Molly, PG, one-shot)

One Way Only by lazy_neutrino (HP: Cattermoles, Gen, PG, one-shot)

One Week by parma-violets (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura, AU, PG, chaptered)

P.S. Sorry 'Bout All That: A Story in Letters by realmer06 (HP: Harry, Dudley, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Patty's Place on a Wintery Friday Evening by Fabrisse (Anne of Green Gables: Multiple characters, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Pen and the Sword by commodorified (Anne of Green Gables: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Perfectly Balanced by tosca1390 (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot)

Persistence of Memory by rose_whispers (HP: Hermione, Mrs Granger, Gen, PG, one-shot)

A Picture's Worth by realmer06 (HP: Albus Potter, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Piecing It All Together by springsdandelion (THG: Katniss/Peeta, G, one-shot)

Planning the Wedding by magentabear (HP: Ron/Hermione, G, drabble)

Practice Makes Perfect by inell (Ron/Hermione, NC-17, one-shot)

A Presence Within by Chisis (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura, PG, one-shot)

Pressure by fpb (HP: Kingsley, Luna, Andromeda, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Prisoner's Remorse by miss_morland (HP: Remus, Grindelwald, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Prophecy's Limit by furiosity (HP: Centaurs, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Publishable News by inkvoices (HP: Rita, Hermione, Harry, Gen, G, one-shot)

Purgatory's Shadow by NovaMist (Animorphs: Elfangor, Visser Three, Alloran, Forlay, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

PUSH by tree_and_leaf (HP: OCs, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Put an ocean and a river between everything, yourself and home by littlenotebook (THG: Cinna, OCs, Gen, R, chaptered)

Rebirth by nokomis305 (HP: Voldemort, Harry, AU, PG-13, one-shot)

Regenesis by lyras (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Reindeer Games by a_t_rain (HP: Marauders, Lily, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Release by antonia_east (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Request by stillskies (CCS/xxxHolic: Clow, Yuuko, Gen, PG-13, ficlet)

Rhinegold by rosemaryandrue (Chrestomanci: Multiple characters, Gen, G, one-shot)

Rubbish by She's a Star (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot)

Scenes from the Hog's Head Inn by wotcher_wombat (HP: Aberforth, Sirius, Gen, PG, one-shot)

The Secret Age of the Infinite by herbalistic (THG: Snow/Coin, PG-13, ficlet)

Secrets by aggiebell90 (HP: Petunia/Vernon, PG, one-shot)

Seeing by Lirazel (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot)

Seven Looks at Luck, Life & Love by _thirty2flavors (HP: Teddy/Victoire, PG, one-shot)

Seven Photographs by casirafics (HP: Multiple characters, PG, one-shot)

Shades by fernwithy (HP: Remus/Tonks, PG-13, chaptered)

She Waves Me Forth Again by zenni (THG: Katniss/Peeta, PG-13, AU, one-shot)

Shifts by fernwithy (HP: Remus/Tonks, PG-13, chaptered)

A Shocking Reveal by attilatehbun (HP: Ron, Gen, G, one-shot)

Skimming the Surface by ransomed_heart (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura, G, one-shot)

The Sleeper Awakens by snorkackcatcher (HP: Percy, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Sleeping Dogs by djin7 (HP: Lucius, Harry, Snape, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Something Interesting by telwyndubois (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, one-shot)

Something Wicked by kcstories (HP: Neville/Luna, PG, one-shot)

Somewhat Lighter Sympathy by kennahijia (HP: OC, Harry, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Sorrows and Regrets by vegablack62 (HP: Augusta, Alice, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Spare (A Theme and Variations) by cedarlibrarian (HP: Cedric, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Starry in the time of our darkness by lyras (HP: Neville/Fleur, NC-17, one-shot)

Starved by Mosylu (HP: Molly, Harry, Gen, G, one-shot)

Stealing Christmas by FrenchRoast (Animorphs: Jake, Marco, Tobias, Ax, Gen, G, one-shot)

Stopped by gehayi (HP: Peter, Gen, PG, one-shot)

The Story of Thomas Piper (As Told by Thomas Lynn) by jmtorres (Fire and Hemlock: Tom/Polly, PG, one-shot)

Stranger Things by akissinacrisis (HP: Dean/Luna, R, one-shot)

Strength in Numbers by miramiraficfic (HP: Marietta, Lavender, Millicent, Percy, Gen, G, one-shot)

Subtleties by magentabear (HP: Luna, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Summer Roses by msmoocow (HP: Neville, OC, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Supervisor's Tale by a_t_rain (HP: Minerva, Hermione, Gen, G, one-shot)

Switch by corvidae9 (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, G, chaptered)

Taking Stock by lyras (HP: Slughorn, Gen, PG-13, ficlet)

Taking the Next Step by tomoyohime8 (CCS: Eriol/Sakura, PG, one-shot)

Talk of the Town by Rina (Anne of Green Gables: Gilbert/Anne, G, one-shot)

Teddy Lupin Series by fernwithy (HP: Teddy, Gen, G-R, chaptered)

The Temptation of Ron Weasley by angua9 (HP: Ron/Lavender, PG-13, one-shot)

Ten random facts about Emmett Cullen by peki (Twilight: Emmett/Rosalie, PG, one-shot)

The Test of Time by Alchemilla (HP: Multiple Pairings, R, chaptered)

That Other Fellow by sciathan_file (HP: Muggle PM, Kingsley, Gen, PG, one-shot)

They Were Wrong by sowritesauds (HP: Ron/Hermione, R, one-shot)

Things Learned Along the Way by elsandry (Animorphs: Rachel/Tobias, G, AU, one-shot)

Things that can be taken away from you by redsiodaslair (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Things You Can't Do In A Library by thistlerose (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG, one-shot)

This Is My Beloved Son by minisinoo (Twilight: Carlisle, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

This Other Life by staubundsterne (Pushing Daisies: Ned/Chuck, G, one-shot)

Though I Speak with the Tongues of Men and Angels by lls_mutant (HP: Sirius, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Thread by author_by_night (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot)

Through the Mirror by femmenerd (HP: Ron/Hermione, AU, chaptered)

A Thousand Patronuses by belladonna803 (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot)

Tied Together by stmargarets (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG-13, one-shot)

Till Your Frightened Eyes Do Close by fannyt (HP: Luna, Ollivander, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

A Time to Fall by elanne (HP: Weasleys, Gen, G, one-shot)

The Toasting by willow_wand (THG: Katniss/Peeta, PG, ficlet)

To Dwell In Dreams by snorkackcatcher (HP: Snape, Dumbledore, Gen, G, one-shot)

To Err, To Forgive by Willow Smith (Anne of Green Gables: Gilbert/Anne, G, ficlet)

To Make Lovers From Friends by Two Muffins in an Oven (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, chaptered)

To Unstopper Time (HP: Snape, Harry, Lily, Gen, AU, PG-13, one-shot)

Tolerance by the_birdnest (HP: Trio, Gen, PG, one-shot)

Tread Softly by akissinacrisis (HP: Harry, Weasleys, Gen, PG-13, one-shot)

Turning Points by Opalmatrix (Ballet Shoes: Fossil sisters, Gen, G, one-shot)

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waited all my life (for just a little death) by loveleeefic (THG: Katniss/Peeta, PG, one-shot)

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