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FIC: The Golden Fleece (Annabeth, Gen)

Title: The Golden Fleece (Daughter of Wisdom 2)
Author: shiiki
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Tyson, Luke Castellan, Clarisse La Rue, Chiron, Thalia Grace, various others, Gen with hints of Percy/Annabeth
Fandom: Percy Jackson
Word Count: 100,971 (28 chapters)

Summary: Annabeth Chase returns to Camp Half-Blood to find the safety of her home shattered: Thalia's tree has been poisoned, destroying the magic barriers protecting the camp, and Chiron is blamed. Only one thing can save the camp, and it's up to Annabeth and her best friend Percy to find it. The problem is, they set off with a monster in tow. Once again, the quest and the surprises it has in store is about to change everything she thinks she knows. An alternate PoV retelling of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

Notes: This is a sequel to my previous fic, Daughter of Wisdom. As the title suggests, it's Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters, as told by Annabeth Chase, but this one expands a fair bit more on the original canon events than my retelling of the previous book. This is a project I took on for NaNoWriMo 2016, and it was my first ever NaNo win (and yes, it actually doubled the 50K target!)

Link to fic at | Ao3

Chapter 1: My Best Friend Has A Dangerous Classmate
Annabeth's dreams foretell trouble for Percy and Camp Half-Blood.

Chapter 2: My Sneaker Becomes A Chew Toy
Annabeth runs into her first monster on her journey north and learns more about the dangers camp is facing.

Chapter 3: I Catch A Sheep Truck To Wilmington
Annabeth makes it another 120 miles north, with the help of a chatty delivery demigod.

Chapter 4: My Sushi Tastes Like Acid
Annabeth runs in to save a demigod from monsters, but ends up springing a trap.

Chapter 5: I Go Hang-Gliding Over Central Park
Two more monster encounters later, Annabeth finally makes it to Percy's fire escape.

Chapter 6: A School Gym Goes Up In Flames
Annabeth tries to catch Percy all morning, and eventually ends up battling giants in his school.

Chapter 7: We Get A Bad Sunburn
Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson catch the Grey Sisters Taxi to camp in time to fight off a pair of bronze bulls.

Chapter 8: I Say Goodbye To My Mentor
Chiron extracts a promise from Annabeth before he leaves Camp Half-Blood.

Chapter 9: We Get A New Prison Warden
Chiron's replacement introduces himself and a new activity, while Annabeth and Clarisse join forces to keep up the camp's protections.

Chapter 10: We Make Monster Bird Shish Kebabs
Annabeth puts together a winning chariot design, but the race turns deadly when monsters attack from the air.

Chapter 11: I Mastermind a Midnight Prison Break
Annabeth and Percy work out the location of the Golden Fleece and sneak out of camp in search of it.

Chapter 12: Our Luxury Cruise Is Cut Short
Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson explore a cruise ship and once again need to make a quick escape.

Chapter 13: Tyson Buys Some Dangerous Doughnuts
Annabeth takes Percy and Tyson to an old hideout, where they run into a nest.

Chapter 14: We Do A Cabin Crawl With Dead People
Clarisse picks up Annabeth, Percy, and Tyson, and take them on board the CSS Birmingham.

Chapter 15: Our Ship Goes Up In Flames
Clarisse charges between Scylla and Charybdis. Between a rock and a hard place, there's only one thing to do: blow it all up.

Chapter 16: We Sail The Ocean Blue
Annabeth finds Percy and they sail on through the Sea of Monsters.

Chapter 17: I Free A Cage Of Guinea Pigs
Annabeth and Percy get very different sorts of makeovers on a magic island spa.

Chapter 18: I Take A Midnight Watch
Annabeth wakes from disturbing dreams and steers the ship towards the Isle of the Sirens.

Chapter 19: I Attend A Concert Of Illusions
Annabeth tests herself against Siren song and gets more than she bargained for.

Chapter 20: We Crash A Wedding Party
Annabeth and Percy arrive at their destination in time to break up Polyphemus's wedding plans.

Chapter 21: I Acquire A New Cloak
Annabeth experiences the healing power of the Fleece first-hand.

Chapter 22: We Split Up With Clarisse
Annabeth and the others make it out of the Sea of Monsters and figure out how to rush the Fleece home from Miami.

Chapter 23: Chiron's Relatives Stampede A Ship
Chiron and the Party Ponies ride to the rescue, and Annabeth and company take the Centaur Express back to Long Island.

Chapter 24: A Long-Lost Friend Returns
Just as Annabeth settles back into the camp routine, something incredible happens to shake up her summer again.

Chapter 25: We Dig Up Old Weapons From The Attic
Annabeth helps Thalia settle into camp.

Chapter 26: Percy And Thalia Fry A Pig
Luke's allies make their play for the Fleece, and Percy and Thalia learn to co-operate.

Chapter 27: The Prophecy Is Finally Revealed
Annabeth finally hears the two lines of the Great Prophecy that she didn't know before.

Chapter 28: We Say Goodbye For Another Year
Annabeth leaves camp hopeful for the upcoming school year.

Tags: 2017!fic, daughter of wisdom series, fic_character: [annabeth chase], fic_character: [chiron], fic_character: [clarisse la rue], fic_character: [grover underwood], fic_character: [luke castellan], fic_character: [percy jackson], fic_character: [tyson], fic_fandom: [percy jackson], fic_length: [chaptered], fic_pairing: [gen], fic_pairing: [percy/annabeth]
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