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FIC: The Necklace of Harmonia (Annabeth, Gen)

Title: The Necklace of Harmonia (Daughter of Wisdom 3)
Author: shiiki
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Annabeth Chase, Thalia Grace, Percy Jackson, Luke Castellan, Chiron, Clarisse La Rue, Chase family, OCs, various others, Gen with slight Percy/Annabeth
Fandom: Percy Jackson
Word Count: 113, 733 (30 chapters)

Summary: After an eventful summer, Annabeth Chase is on her way to boarding school for the first time. With her friends Thalia and Percy close by, she's looking forward to spending the year in New York. But soon, she finds herself dealing with unfathomable dreams, tangled plots, and a mysterious necklace that keeps finding its way back to her. Worse still, her father wants her to move to the most dangerous city in the country. The choices Annabeth faces this year will have her questioning the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and family. And most of all, just what it means to keep a promise. An alternate PoV retelling of Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse. Part 3 of the Daughter of Wisdom series.

Notes: When I call this an alternate PoV of Titan's Curse, I use the term very loosely. In actual fact this follows Annabeth over the course of the entire year between SoM and BotL. The first two parts can be found here: Daughter of Wisdom | The Golden Fleece.

Link to fic at | Ao3

Chapter 1: I Attend A War Tribunal
Annabeth dreams about a very distant past.

Chapter 2: Abraham Lincoln Burns Some Ants
Annabeth and Thalia subvert a Titan war-op.

Chapter 3: I 'C' My New School
Annabeth heads off to her new boarding school.

Chapter 4: The School Bully Wears My Breakfast
Annabeth faces her first hurdle at boarding school: the popular girls.

Chapter 5: We Get An SOS From The Desert
An urgent call arrives during Annabeth's first weekend break at camp.

Chapter 6: I Become The School Porn President
The mean girls play a dirty trick on Annabeth in class.

Chapter 7: Thalia Meets Her Dad
Thalia receives a summons to Mount Olympus.

Chapter 8: A Hippo Reads Our Future
Annabeth, Thalia, and Percy run into a strange monster.

Chapter 9: Clarisse Makes A Long-Distance Call
Clarisse checks in from an unexpected location, and a school event is announced.

Chapter 10: We Go Dancing With Nets And Arrows
Annabeth's first school dance doesn't turn out quite as planned.

Chapter 11: I Get Invited To Join A Special Clique
The mysterious enemy makes a move … and Annabeth learns Izzy's secret.

Chapter 12: I Catch The Wolf Express
Annabeth goes home for Thanksgiving, but doesn't stay for long.

Chapter 13: I Get A Fun Homework Assignment
Annabeth finally gets a teacher she clicks with.

Chapter 14: We Take A Road Trip To Maine
Sally Jackson chauffeurs Annabeth, Percy, and Thalia to find Grover.

Chapter 15: We Infiltrate A School Dance
Once again, Annabeth finds herself at a dance with a monster chaperone.

Chapter 16: I Go Cliff-Diving With A Manticore
Annabeth goes one-on-one with Dr Thorn.

Chapter 17: I Break The Olympic Weightlifting Record
Annabeth gets handed a heavy task.

Chapter 18: I Am Used As Bait
Luke makes an exchange for Annabeth.

Chapter 19: I Take Back A Piece of Jewellery
A fight breaks out at the peak of Mount Othrys.

Chapter 20: My Dad Kicks Some Serious Monster Butt
Professor Chase shows up most unexpectedly.

Chapter 21: We Stand Trial For Existing
Annabeth attends the modern-day version of the Olympian's tribunal … as a defendant.

Chapter 22: The Gods Throw A Victory Bash
Olympus goes from war council to victory party in zero seconds flat.

Chapter 23: Percy Stakes His Claim
Nico di Angelo disappears from camp, causing Percy to make a momentous decision.

Chapter 24: I Pawn My Jewellery
Annabeth checks a monument off her bucket list, and settles a tab.

Chapter 25: My Stepmom Makes Spider Lemonade
Annabeth comes to terms with her stepmother.

Chapter 26: I Trash An Old Prison
A school field trip goes topsy-turvy.

Chapter 27: The Bimbo Brigade Hunts Us Down
A trip to New York turns into a crazy adventure—literally.

Chapter 28: Clarisse Plays Demolition (Wo)Man
Clarisse blows things up.

Chapter 29: I Snare A Fox
Annabeth confronts Kitsune at last.

Chapter 30: I Get A Surprise Visitor
Annabeth makes some decisions about her future … and receives a surprise guest at her house.
Tags: 2018!fic, daughter of wisdom series, fic_character: [annabeth chase], fic_character: [chase family], fic_character: [chiron], fic_character: [clarisse la rue], fic_character: [luke castellan], fic_character: [oc], fic_character: [percy jackson], fic_character: [thalia grace], fic_fandom: [percy jackson], fic_length: [chaptered], fic_pairing: [gen], fic_pairing: [percy/annabeth], necklace of harmonia
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