October 19th, 2019


FIC: The Final Sacrifice, chpt 36

Title: The Final Sacrifice (Daughter of Wisdom 5)
Author: shiiki
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Annabeth Chase/Percy Jackson, Luke Castellan, Thalia Grace, Charles Beckendorf/Silena Beauregard, Clarisse La Rue, Michael Yew, OCs, multiple others
Fandom: Percy Jackson
Word Count: 36 chapters, 132,929

Summary: The war on Olympus is heating up, and Annabeth Chase is right in the thick of it. Bad enough that she's gearing up for battle while wrestling with the emotional turmoil over two of her dearest friends that is turning her heart inside out. She doesn't need more mysterious glimpses about the Great Prophecy and how it connects to her own history. But in order to understand what lies in her future, Annabeth has to dig into the past. What she finds will shape her choices … and change the course of the final battle. An alternate PoV retelling of The Last Olympian. Part 5 of the Daughter of Wisdom series.

In this chapter
Chapter Title: I Build Something Permanent
Rating: PG
Characters: Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Frederick Chase, Chiron, Rachel Dare
Word Count: 3,139

Chapter Summary: Annabeth's future starts to take shape.

Notes: The song at the end in the elevator to Olympus is Permanent by Randy Crawford. It seemed a fitting way to sum up Annabeth's 'quest' for permanence in her life—though I hope that by the end of this fic, it's become evident that she's learned how to better define those goals as she thinks about her future.

And speaking of the future ... This is the end of a massive, three-year project, and the last chapter of the DoW series. I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the readers who have commented and encouraged me to keep going, keep posting, and keep sharing Annabeth's story as I've imagined it.

I don't intend to continue this series into HoO, for several reasons. First, time is the main factor. I've written and edited this fic concurrently with my PhD ... and as chance or coincidence would have it, I've completed both at nearly the exact same time (I passed my thesis defence just before chapter 35). DoW has seen me through some tougher moments—and some particularly mind-numbing ones, too! But keeping something of this scale going indefinitely isn't sustainable, especially with my new job. Second, HoO doesn't grab me the way PJO did in terms of having an untold story that I wanted to read. This is more to do with the format of the series—told in multiple PoVs—than anything about the content. Third, in what time I do have, I'd like to embark on some original writing—including the NaNo project I started last Christmas and didn't get a chance to finish, and the various novel outlines that haven't had time to take form while I worked on this story series. (I must stress that I certainly don't regret writing DoW or view the time spent on it as wasted; it has been an excellent exercise in plot, characterisation, and style, and all of your feedback on it goes towards making me a better storyteller!)

For those of you who have hoped I would continue into HoO, I know this may be disappointing, but I'll leave you with this: DoW started because I wanted to read a story and it didn't exist. It is my hope that someone may be inspired enough to do the same—I know many of you are aspiring writers, and I'd like to say that I'd be most happy to share the process of creating DoW and turning it into the final product that I've posted on this site. Feel free to drop me a note if you'd like to talk about this.

Thank you for following Annabeth's journey, and mine. I've really appreciated the experience of sharing the story.

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