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Fic Masterlist

This is the masterlist of fics written by shiiki.

I have arranged the fics here by alphabetical order.

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Abandoning Lineage (HP: Sirius, Regulus, Gen, PG, one-shot) Sixteen-year-old Sirius Black returns home for Christmas after the infamous Whomping Willow Prank, and realises that the family he has is not the one that he wants to belong to any more.

Adventure (HP: Lily/James, G, drabble) When it comes to transportation, it seems that neither of them are particularly adventurous.

After the Troll (HP: Hermione, Gen, G, ficlet) After being rescued from the troll, Hermione waits for Ron and Harry by the Gryffindor common room entrance.

After the War (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, drabble) In the middle of the night, Ron tries to get Hermione to come back to bed. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Quill'.)

Agreeing to Disagree (HP: Ron/Hermione, G, one-shot) When Harry stalks off in a huff, Ron and Hermione have to sort out their differences in the short period of their lunch hour and reach and agreement about their frequent bickering. An alternate point of view of Chapter Twelve of OotP.

All ... (HP: Neville/Hannah, PG-13, ficlet) Hannah learns Neville's biggest secret.

All That Must Be Said (HP: Charity Burbage, R, one-shot) ‘Last week Professor Burbage wrote an impassioned defence of Mudbloods in the Daily Prophet.’ (Deathly Hallows Chapter 1, pg17 UK version.) In a dangerous political climate, she still tried to bring about change. This is the story of Charity Burbage. Written for femgenficathon 2007. (Prompt: I am, was, and always will be a catalyst for change. --Shirley Chisholm)

Anyway (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, drabble) Hermione decides to go back to school.

Art and Magic (HP: Luna/Dean, G, ficlet) Luna and Dean friendship fic. (Written for a_t_rain for the dh_predictions meme.)

The Ashes Trilogy
1. From Ashes (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, 6 chapters) How did James Potter change to become the man that Lily Evans could love? In the Christmas of their sixth year, a tragedy in the wizarding world sparks a change in the lives of the pair who would eventually become the most famous parents in the magical world. (Pre-DH, now AU.)

2. Rising from Embers (HP: Lily/James, R, 15 chapters) Against a backdrop of terror and hostility, Lily Evans and James Potter come of age in a world at war. Seventh year is bound to be fraught with difficulties, but it is also a time for both to grow and learn, to rise to the challenges thrown their way, and to find their way to each other. The sequel to From Ashes. (Pre-DH, now AU.)

3. Falling with Grace (HP: Lily/James, R, 19 chapters) They reached adulthood in a time of war, and left school determined to fight. Lily and James Potter fell in the end, but before they did, they made a great difference to the wizarding world … and left it a legacy. Part III of the Ashes Trilogy. (Pre-DH, now AU.)

The Babysitters (CCS: Yue, Kero, Gen, G, one-shot) Babysitting is not as easy as it seems -- especially when the baby belongs to two powerful mages, and turns out to possess a fair bit of skill himself!

Bath-time (HP: Lily/James, Harry, PG, ficlet) Written for a request from queenb23more of James and Lily with baby Harry, with the prompt, 'bathtime'.

Beginnings (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura, PG, one-shot) Thinking about the way they met has Syaoran worrying over the memory. Sakura finds a way to lift him out of the mood.

The Bend in the Road (Anne of Green Gables: Anne, Diana, G, one-shot) Anne and Diana have a talk about the future. Set between Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. Written for femgenficathon 2009.

The Best Underwater Proposal (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot) Percy's a man with a plan. If he can just get Annabeth alone--which is proving harder than he anticipated. Fortunately, Clarisse comes to the rescue. Set in the CoL universe, post-fic. (Written for percyjacksonweek2k17 day 5.)

Birthday Surprises (HP: Ron/Hermione, G, ficlet) Ron has a surprise for Hermione. A gift for pili204's birthday.

A Blue Secret (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot) Annabeth is hiding something. The secret is driving Percy to distraction.

Bouncing (HP: Augusta, Gen, G, ficlet) Great Uncle Algie came round for dinner, and he was hanging me out of an upstairs window by the ankles when my Great Auntie Enid offered him a meringue and he accidentally let go. But I bounced--all the way down the garden and into the road. They were all really pleased, Gran was crying, she was so happy.

Broken Quill: An Unexpected Understanding (HP: Susan Bones, Marietta Edgecombe, Gen, PG, one-shot) Did Amelia Bones's murder affect her niece, and what would it have to do with Marietta Edgecombe's magic-induced acne? A look at an unplanned interaction between two very different students. Set during HBP, written for the Broken Quill challenge at Fiction Alley.

Careers Advice (HP: Lily Evans, Minerva McGonagall, Gen, G, one-shot) Lily has her Careers Advice talk in fifth year.

The Case of the Escaped Death Eater (HP: Ron/Hermione, Neville/Hannah, PG-13, 8 chapters + epilogue) Five years after the end of the war, Aurors Weasley and Longbottom find themselves working together to capture an escaped prisoner on a tight deadline: before the full moon. However, the case is not as straightforward as it seems, especially when the witches in their lives appear to be involved as well ...

Chance Encounter (HP: Cecilia, Merope, Gen, PG, ficlet) Months after Tom Riddle jilted her, she meets the one he left her for.

Changeling (HP: Petunia, Gen, G, ficlet) The changeling baby was half of Petunia's worst nightmare.

Children of the Underworld (PJO: Hazel, Nico, Gen, PG, one-shot) Between MoA and HoH, Hazel and Nico talk about past and future. (Written for orangeflowers.)

Christmas Carolling (PJO: Will/Nico, PG, one-shot) Nico shares a painful childhood memory. (Written for strawberrygirl2000.)

Comb-less (HP: Hermione Granger, Gen, G, drabble) Hermione overhears a hurtful conversation. Pre-Hogwarts.

Complete (HP: Harry/Ginny, G, one-shot) His arms, strong enough to arm wrestle with his brothers-in-law and play in a Quidditch scrimmage, seemed to turn to jelly as Ginny passed the tiny bundle to him. Harry Potter holds his son for the first time.

Conceited Prats and Ungrateful Gits (HP: Lily, James, Gen, PG, one-shot) All Lily Evans wants is a peaceful lunch break with her friends by the lake, but the tranquility of the summer afternoon is sadly shattered by the antics of Potter and co. An alternate point of view of Snape's Worst Memory (OotP, Chapter 28)

Connections (HP: Teddy, Gen, PG, ficlet) Teddy Lupin has a crisis about belonging, summer between fourth and fifth year.

Consequences (Twilight: Rosalie, Esme, Gen, PG-13, drabble) The impact of Rosalie's actions hit her at last.

Contest (PD: Ned/Chuck, G, ficlet) With Olive gone, Chuck thinks Ned should get a new assistant. Ned disagrees. Written for sevenblades's prompt: Ned/Chuck, 'contest'.

A Conversation (HP: Dumbledore, Flamels, Gen, G, ficlet) Dumbledore and the Flamels discuss an attempted theft.

Cooking Disaster (HP: James, Sirius, Gen, PG, drabble) Cooking turns out to be harder than James imagined.

The Curse of Lethe (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, R, chaptered) Percy and Annabeth intended to retire and spend a quiet four years at college in New Rome. However, old enemies have other ideas, and one very determined attack leaves Percy poisoned and fighting for his life and Annabeth facing the difficult decision of giving him the only cure: water from the Lethe...and dealing with the heartbreaking side-effects. There is hope, though, but will Percy, Annabeth, and their friends have the courage to brave Tartarus again to retrieve Percy's memories from the edge of Chaos? (Written for the PJOHOOBigBang 2017.)

The Cycle of Reconstruction (HP: Trio, Marauders, Gen, PG, one-shot) Everything broken took time to rebuild, and even then, stronger though it might be, it was fragile and could sustain another blow, only to be painstakingly fixed up once again. (Written for hp_summergen 2007.)

The Cycle of Reconstruction, Version 2 (HP: Remus, Teddy, Gen, PG, chaptered) Over the years, Remus learns that everything breaks and must be rebuilt, a lesson he passes on to his son even after death.
Originally written for hp_summergen on LJ, rewritten post-DH to comply with new canon.

Dark Mark Tattoo Removal (HP: Karkaroff, OC, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) If a Death Eater is desperate enough to escape Voldemort, what might he stoop to? An attempt at crack that turned serious.

The Daughter of Wisdom series
1. Daughter of Wisdom (PJO: Annabeth, Gen, PG-13, chaptered) What Annabeth Chase wants most is to undertake a quest, and when that chance comes, she’s taking it—even if that means teaming up with the son of her mother’s biggest rival. she thinks she’s prepared for everything that could happen, but right from the start, nothing goes to plan. And everything she thinks she knows about the quest, her life, and her family, may just be turned on its head. An alternate PoV retelling of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

2. The Golden Fleece (PJO: Annabeth, Gen, PG, chaptered) Annabeth Chase returns to Camp Half-Blood to find the safety of her home shattered: Thalia's tree has been poisoned, destroying the magic barriers protecting the camp, and Chiron is blamed. Only one thing can save the camp, and it's up to Annabeth and her best friend Percy to find it. The problem is, they set off with a monster in tow. Once again, the quest and the surprises it has in store is about to change everything she thinks she knows. An alternate PoV retelling of Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters.

3. The Necklace of Harmonia (PJO: Annabeth, Gen, PG-13, chaptered) After an eventful summer, Annabeth Chase is on her way to boarding school for the first time. With her friends Thalia and Percy close by, she's looking forward to spending the year in New York. But soon, she finds herself dealing with unfathomable dreams, tangled plots, and a mysterious necklace that keeps finding its way back to her. Worse still, her father wants her to move to the most dangerous city in the country. The choices Annabeth faces this year will have her questioning the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and family. And most of all, just what it means to keep a promise. An alternate PoV retelling of Percy Jackson and the Titan's Curse.

4. The Impossible Maze (PJO: Annabeth, Gen, PG-13, chaptered) Annabeth Chase has finally gotten her chance to lead a quest, but the stakes have never been so high. With war on the horizon, she and her friends must navigate the Labyrinth to find its creator and convince him to help Camp Half-Blood. But the Labyrinth is more than just a physical maze—in its twist and turns, Annabeth must not only confront the Titan army’s monsters, but her own fears, hopes, and scariest of all, her developing feelings for her best friend. An alternate PoV retelling of The Battle of the Labyrinth.

Dealing with Dragons (HP: OC, Charlie, Gen, PG, ficlet) I think the best thing will be to send him over with some friends of mine who are coming to visit me next week. --PS/SS, chpt 14. Who were Charlie's friends and how did he get them to agree to transport an illegal dragon?

The Definition of Courage (HP: Neville, Albus, Gen, G, one-shot) Neville sees the boy he used to be in a first-year student.

A Demigod's Life (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG-13, one-shot) Annabeth and Percy cope the way they always do—together.

Detention (HP: Hagrid, Gen, PG-13, ficlet) Snape sends three students to Hagrid for detention. Written for pigwithhair's prompt: something from Hagrid's PoV, worrying about Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Domesticity (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG-13, one-shot) Percy and Annabeth have been looking forward to getting their new place ... but between the monsters and their own, er, accidents, demigod cohabitation isn't quite smooth sailing.

Don't Let's Pretend (THG: Katniss/Peeta, PG-13, one-shot) So I thought if I stopped being so, you know, wounded, we could take a shot at just being friends. Set between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

The End of the Fairytale (HP: Colin/Romilda, PG-13, one-shot) It's better than raspberries, the feel of his mouth moving against hers, the intoxicating taste of him, the heat that she can practically swallow, travelling down her throat and blossoming in her chest. In the summer, Colin brings her raspberries. Romilda has her own ideas on how to share them.

Ending (The Host: Ian/Wanda, G, drabble) Ian contemplates the end - and a new beginning that follows.

Entwined (HP: Lily, Narcissa, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) Two mothers, two sons, two prophecies.

Erised (HP: Ron, Gen, G, one-shot) Chapter 12 of PS/SS ('The Mirror of Erised'), from Ron's point of view.

The Evolution of Hydras (PJO: Paul, Percy, Gen, PG, one-shot) After finding his stepson studying late at night, Paul devises a novel way to help Percy with school stuff. (Written for percyjacksonweek2k17 day 6 & 7.)

extraordinary is in the eye of the beholder (HP: Luna, Gen, G, one-shot) The world has a lot to teach Luna, and she's happy to learn.

Falling Short (HP: Neville, Gen, G, one-shot) Prefect? The thought hadn't crossed his mind. Now he felt his cheeks burn. Here was yet another way he'd failed to match up. A Neville-centred missing moment from OotP, for lyras.

Family over Freedom (HP: Bill/Fleur, G, drabble) Bill's family celebrates his birthday (takes place many many years after the defeat of Voldemort). (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Sunset'.)

Fantastic Breads (FB: Jacob/Queenie, G, one-shot) A familiar stranger visits Jacob's bakery.

Fighting On (PJO: Annabeth, G, song filk) A song-filk of My Grand Plan from the LT Musical, based on Annabeth's adventures in TC.

Finding His Way (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot) Ron didn't know how to explain to her that far from driving him crazy, his new obsession could well be the thing that kept him sane. Separated from Harry and Hermione, Ron listens to Potterwatch at Shell Cottage and tries to keep faith.

First Flight (HP: Ginny, Gen, G, one-shot) She's been breaking into your broom shed in the garden since the age of six and taking each of your brooms out in turn when you weren't looking. (OotP chpt 26, p506 UK hardback) Ginny's first broom flight.

First String (HP: Alicia, Gen, G, drabble) ... Alicia Spinnet, a good find of Oliver Wood's, last year only a reserve ...'--Lee Jordan, PS/SS Chapter 11 (Quidditch)

Five Days (Partials: Samm, Kira, Gen, PG-13, chaptered) Alone in enemy territory with only five days to live, Samm makes an unexpected ally and reaches some stunning conclusions about the fate of their two species. Alternate PoV of Part II of Partials.

Five New Years (Twilight: Edward/Bella, PG-13, ficlet) Five New Years in the life of Edward Cullen. Edward/Bella, angst and fluff.

Five Things Percy Does Better Than Annabeth (And Why That's Fine By Her) (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot) Annabeth likes being the best. But there are some things she just can't win at. Still, there are compensations.

Five Ways to Count Down to Christmas (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, PG, one-shot) A variation on post-war Christmases, with five themes.

Flight to Australia (HP: Ron/Hermione, G, drabble) Hermione wakes up in a unusual place.

For a Bouquet of Lilacs (HP: Neville/Hannah, G, ficlet) Distracted by his planning for his first date, Neville has a clumsy moment that makes him late. Fortunately, that gives him a good story to tell.

Forever in a Moment (HP: Lily, Snape, Petunia, Gen, PG, drabble) She snaps, capturing them, immortalised in a frame.

The Forgotten Jumper (HP: Percy, Gen, PG, drabble) An old jumper reminds him of what he's lost and can never regain. (Written for the CM Scribbulous promt 'Jumper'.) (Pre-DH, now AU.)

Friendship and Bravery (HP: Neville, Gen, PG, one-shot) An encounter with Slytherins and a Hufflepuff makes Neville wonder, once again, if he truly belongs in Gryffindor. Missing moment from PS/SS.

Friendship Lost (HP: Lily, Gen, G, drabble) Lily reflects on her friendship with Snape. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Reflect'.)

The Frost Melts (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, drabble) Hermione puts the morning frost on her windows to good use. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Frost'.)

Gaining An Ally (HP: Lily, OC, Gen, PG, one-shot) Lily breaks up a fight in the corridors and encounters an interesting Slytherin prefect.

The Great Prophecy (PJO: Annabeth, Gen, G, one-shot) When ten-year-old Annabeth watches her best friend get a quest, she sneaks into the attic to see the Oracle, hoping for a prophecy that will start her on a quest of her own. What she gets, however, is much more than she bargained for.

Hair Clips (HP: Lily, Petunia, Gen, PG, ficlet) A little Evans sisters interaction.

Happenstance (HP: Charlie, Viktor, Gen, PG, one-shot) Charlie's job gets challenging when Dark magic spooks the dragons. However, help comes from an unexpected quarter. (Written for kcstories at weasley_fest 2008.)

Happy Birthday Harry (HP: Harry, Lily, Marauders, Gen, G, ficlet) Harry celebrates his first birthday. (Written for spidergirl30's birthday.) (Pre-DH, now AU.)

Happy Birthday, Have a Zombie! (PJO: Nico, Hades, Jules-Albert, Gen, PG, one-shot) Nico receives an unexpected and unusual birthday present. (Written for Hello.)

Healing Invisible Scars (HP: Neville, Luna, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) It didn't matter whether you were eight or eighteen. The revelation that a parent might have gone away to a place you couldn't follow, even if they were physically right there, was just as hard to bear. The war gives Neville and Luna something else in common.

Heights (HP: Neville, Gen, G, ficlet) Neville approaches flying lessons with dread.

Hero (HP: Neville, Gen, PG, ficlet) 'I have news for you.' Neville Longbottom has something to tell his mother. (Written for hp_genlove's May Drive.)

His Blessing (HP: Colin/Romilda, Terry/Romilda, PG, ficlet) Romilda finds happiness. Colin approves. (Written for queenb23more's birthday.)

His First Chess Victory (HP: Hugo, Ron/Hermione, G, ficlet) Hugo Weasley is just shy of his first birthday when he takes on Hermione at chess! (Written for spidergirl30's birthday.)

His Mercy (HP: Draco, Gen, PG, ficlet) For birdseyeview's request: Draco talking to Dumbledore's portrait. Guest appearances by Snape and McGonagall!

The Hobgoblins Christmas Concert (HP: Multiple characters, Gen, G, one-shot) ‘The man people believe to be Sirius Black is actually Stubby Boardman, lead singer of popular singing group The Hobgoblins, who retired from public life after being struck on the ear by a turnip at a concert in Little Norton Church Hall …’

Home (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot</i>) After the Battle of the Giants, there is one last promise for Percy to keep. (Written for CupcakeQueen816.)

Home for the Holidays (HP: Grangers, Gen, G, ficlet) Hermione goes home for Christmas in her first year. Her parents are glad to see her--in more than one way.

Home Is Where The Heart Is (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot) Returning to Hogwarts for her seventh year makes Hermione slightly homesick until Ron turns up to remind her that home is where the heart is. (Written for the_hp_love's February Romance Challenge.)

Horse Play (PJO: Jason, Percy, Gen, PG, one-shot) Two demigods take a road trip and get intercepted by a personage of the godly variety. The typical godly hijinks are unavoidable. (Or, Percy insults a goddess and Jason rides him—no, not in that way.)

House Pride (HP: Hannah, Susan, Gen, G, drabble) Megan thinks everyone should have a Support Cedric Diggory badge.

The Hunt (Twilight: James, Alice Cullen, OC, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) James tracks one victim and remembers another.

Ice Skating (PJO: Leo/Calypso, G, ficlet) Leo and ice don’t really mix. Calypso doesn’t care. Pure fluff.

Ingratitude (HP: Colin/Romilda, AU, PG, one-shot) Romilda's world is turned upside down and she is confused.

Inner Beauty (HP: Eloise Midgen, Neville Longbottom, Hannah Abbott, Gen, PG, one-shot) Eloise learns some valuable lessons from two older students. Set during GoF.

It'll Work Out (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot) Hermione is upset that her parents don’t want to return to England. Will Ron be able to convince her that things will work out?

A Journey of Discovery (HP: Neville, Luna, Gen, G, one-shot) He found that he couldn't quite reconcile the man whom people hailed as a war hero with the boy he still tended to see himself as. Neville takes a sabbatical to find himself again.

Just a Head Cold (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot) Apollo said he'd just have a head cold, but did you really think the nosoi would let Percy off that easily? Fortunately, Annabeth knows what to do. A look at Percy between dropping off Apollo at Camp Half-Blood and returning on the weekend to save the day.

Just Dare (HP: George, Gen, G, ficlet) He'll be damned if he's going to let anyone -- anything -- separate him from his twin.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (HP: Hugo/OC, Lily, G, ficlet) Hugo can't figure out why he lost a chess game. Lily is more astute.

Layers (HP: Alice Longbottom, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) Somewhere, she thinks, this is real. But she doesn’t know this for sure. Which of her many moving layers is real? Alice Longbottom struggles to find her way within her mind. Written for the hp_genlove February prompt on LJ. (Prompts: Neville, smoke.)

Leo Valdez, Truant Supreme (PJO: Leo, Gen, PG, one-shot) Leo gets picked up in New Mexico, right before being sent to the Wilderness School. Written for supernaturally-percyjackson.

Letter to Home (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, one-shot) Hermione writes home. Post-DH.

Letters (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG-13, one-shot) You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how." -- Gone With the Wind. The night before the final reckoning, Hermione and Ron find comfort in each other and in imagining what would have been, and should be. Written for the Ron/Hermione MovieQuote!Fic Challenge at Checkmated. (Pre-DH, now AU.)

Letting Go (HP: Remus, Gen, PG, drabble) A year after Hallowe'en, 1981, Remus says goodbye. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Melt'.)

Longing (HP: Ginny, Gen, PG, ficlet) A look at post-DH, pre-epilogue Ginny.

Looking Forward (HP: Neville, Gen, PG-13, ficlet) Right after the Final Battle, the DA get drunk. Fortunately for Neville, Hannah's experienced in taking care of hangovers.

Love (HP: Harry/Ginny, PG, one-shot) Snapshots of Ginny Weasley's Valentine's Days.

Love is a Decision (HP: Molly, Gen, G, one-shot). Love is a decision, not an emotion.

Luckily There's Magic (HP: Ron, Gen, PG, drabble) It's unlucky that Ron gets a nasty tester, but luckily he has magic! Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Luck'.

Magnificence (HP: Luna, Gen, G, ficlet) After the war, Luna wants to see magnificent places. Written for rougered's birthday.

Mind Games (HP: Ron, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) It is the winning move, he thinks, friendship. It is the queen, the most powerful piece in his armoury. Ron draws strength from his friendship with Harry and Hermione to face an impossible situation. Written for the Who, What, When, Where Genfic Challenge at Checkmated. (Prompts: Ron, Neville, Crucio, Sept 1, Muggle London.)

Minor Things (TRC: Sakura, Gen, PG, one-shot) Sakura learns just how important the tiniest memory can be. Written for and posted at femgenficathon 2008.

Mishandled (Handle with Care: Piper, Gen, G, ficlet) Piper learns what happened to Willow.

Moments of Brilliance (HP: Lily, Neville, Ginny, Gen, PG, one-shot) Everyone has talents. The magic is in discovering what they are.

More Than Words (HMC: Howl/Sophie, PG, ficlet) She doesn't need to hear the words.

The Morning Post (HP: Petunia, Gen, G, drabble) Once again, a letter arrives to turn Petunia's world upside down.

Moving On (HP: McGonagall, Gen, PG, drabble) Short drabble written for queenb23more's prompt: HP/gen/McGonagall reflects.

The Natural Way of Things (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, ficlet) Conversation immediately following the Epilogue, based on a prompt from snorkackcatcher which would give the game away if I were to mention it now.

Never Argue With Annabeth (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG-13, ficlet) CoL outtake, written for myforevermoment's prompt: percy & annabeth having like their first real conversation with them being back home, alone, & with all Percy's memories back.

Never Have I Ever (PJO: Multiple characters & pairings, PG, one-shot) This is one game Percy isn't winning. (Written for BooksAndHotChocolate.)

Neville's Heart (HP: Neville/Susan, PG, one-shot) On the day that Harry Potter wakes up, Neville finds a bit of love in his own corner as well.

Neville Longbottom and the 'American Exchange Student' (HP: Neville/msmoocow, PG-13, one-shot) Crackfic set post-DH, specially written for msmoocow's birthday.

Nightmares (PJO: Hazel, Annabeth, Piper, PG, one-shot) Annabeth might be able to convince the boys that her post-Tartarus nightmares are nothing, but Hazel and Piper know better. A girl-bonding moment on the Argo II set between HoH and BoO, written for preciouschildrenofolympus.

Not a Good Day (HMC: Howl, Gen, PG, one-shot) Hangovers, work, threats, and a djinn. The Wizard Howl is not having a good day.

Not Alone (HP: Neville/Lavender, PG, ficlet) Lavender Brown finds comfort after being attacked by Greyback. (Written for queenb23more's birthday.)

Nothing Special (Twilight: Edward Cullen, Gen, PG, one-shot) There is nothing special at all about Forks High School.

November Blessings (The Scorpio Races: Puck/Sean, PG-13, ficlet) For Puck and Sean, there's only one month they would choose for their wedding, and only one blessing that truly matters.

On the Hogwarts Express (HP: Lily, James, Gen, PG, one-shot) Thoughts, encounters, conversations at the end of the school year. Lily and James, end of fifth year.

The Origin of Blue Foods (PJO: Sally, Gen, PG, one-shot) Sally Jackson will do anything for her son, whether that's marrying a jerk to protect him, or making blue food to promise him the impossible. (Written for percyjacksonweek2k17 days 1 & 2.)

Overcoming Barriers (The Host: Lily/Wes, Ian/Wanda, PG, ficlet) Lily has a discussion with Wes about Ian and Wanda, which makes her realize several things.

Padfoot's Valentine (HP: Sirius, OC, Gen, G, ficlet) Padfoot finds a friend to spend Valentine's Day with. A missing moment from GoF.

Persuasion (The Host: Ian/Wanda, PG, ficlet) Ian/Wanda ficlet for willow_wand, prompt: 'trust me'.

Petunia Always Knew (Petunia, Lily, Gen, G, ficlet) 'Knew!' shrieked Aunt Petunia suddenly. 'Knew!' Of course we knew! How could you not be, my dratted sister being what she was?' Petunia was the first to know.

Pieces of a Life (Reyna, Gen, PG, one-shot) Reyna struggles to form a complete picture of the friend she knew.

Poetry (MCGA/ToA: Magnus, Jack, Apollo, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) Magnus owes Jack a poem. He just needs to find the right god to deliver. (Written for Hello.)

Pretences (Petunia/Vernon, PG, drabble) ... in fact, Mrs Dursley pretended she didn't have a sister ... Lily isn't really a subject for polite company, after all.

Pride (HP: Neville, Gen, PG, drabble) Neville receives an owl.

Quest (PJO: Annabeth, Gen, PG, one-shot) Annabeth Chase has wanted to lead a quest ever since she was a little kid. This is the story of her seven-year wait ... and what she's learned about quests.

Quill Pro Quo (HP: Luna, Romilda, Gen, PG, one-shot) Romilda Vane: girly, flippant, and catty. What happens when she needs a favour from Luna Lovegood? Certainly, Romilda never expected to get her come-uppance for tormenting the school's infamous Loony! Set during HBP, and written for the Broken Quill challenge.

Rain (HP: Lily, Petunia, Gen, G, drabble) Don't we all wish we could do a little magic when we're caught in the rain?

Real (Partials: Samm/Kira, PG, ficlet) Samm and Kira share a moment after the apocalypse. Post-Ruins.

Recruitment (PJO: Annabeth, Luke, Thalia, Gen, PG, one-shot) Thalia gets a tempting offer. Luke fears she'll take it. Annabeth wonders if they'd want her, too. Pre-canon scene written for strawberrygirl2000.

Roads to Recovery (PJO: Will/Nico, PG, one-shot) Nico takes Will to an unusual place, to meet an unusual person. Maybe, just maybe, they can find a way to help another broken soul.

Recapturing Memories (HP: Neville, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) The Room of Requirement has been dormant for ten years. However, Neville’s return to Hogwarts seems to be the catalyst it needs to revive … and relive some very powerful memories. (Written for springtime_gen 2009.)

Rescue Mission (PJO: Multiple characters & pairings, PG-13, chaptered) While Annabeth, Percy, Nico, Will, and Thalia travel through Tartarus, their friends embark on a quest to find Thanatos and bring the Doors to Death to them. A companion piece to The Curse of Lethe.

Rude Awakening (HP: Ron/Hermione, PG, drabble) Ron is shaken abruptly out of his dreams. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Shamrock', and slam_girl's birthday.)

Rumours (HP: Minerva, Gen, G, ficlet) 'I suppose he really has gone, Dumbledore?' How did Minerva McGonagall find out about Voldemort's disappearance?

Scar (HP: Harry, Petunia, Gen, G, ficlet) He had had it as long as he could remember, and the first question he could ever remember asking his Aunt Petunia was how he had got it.

Scent (HP: Frank/Alice, PG-13, drabble) A raid on an illegal Potions lab yield interesting results for Frank and Alice.

Second Chances (PJO: Nico, Gen, PG, one-shot) Why is it that every time Nico goes searching for family, he ends up in the Underworld? At least this time, he might have a chance to find his sister … only it isn't the sister he expects.

Setting Off (HP: Molly, Weasley family, Gen, G, one-shot) Molly has five children to get to King's Cross; it's a wonder that they'll get there on time!

Shadowing (HP: Unrequited Snape/Lily, PG, ficlet) On a date with James, Lily finds that they're being tailed.

The Silent Goddess (PJO: Reyna, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) When weird things start happening on Camp Jupiter, Reyna gets pulled into a mystery that has her re-visiting her haunted past. (Written for the PJO Secret Santa 2017.)

Sincerity (HP: Neville/Hannah, G, ficlet) Years later, she would still recall how a little compliment and a small but sincere hand of kindness could assuage the bitterness of disappointment.

Sister of the Hero (PJO: Thalia, Gen, PG, one-shot) Thalia gets some bad news.

Someone who Understands (HP: Neville, Remus, Gen, G, ficlet) A kindly Defence teacher gives Neville a link to his mother. Harry isn't the only student that Professor Lupin connected with. (Written for redsioda's birthday.) (Pre-DH, now AU.)

Somewhere Between Life and Death (HP/PD: Rolf, Luna, Emerson, PG, one-shot) After an encounter in the Forbidden Forest, Magizoologist Rolf Scamander develops a strange power: the ability to raise the dead with his touch. Private Investigator Emerson Cod knows just how to exploit this talent, but the partners get more than they bargained for when they investigate the murder of Luna Lovegood. (Crossover.)

Song of the Stars (CCS: Sakura, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) Sakura has to face the question of what happens to the cards and their guardians after she's gone.

Special Assignment (HP: Tonks, Kingsley, Gen, G, ficlet) Tonks gets a special assignment from Kingsley. Set in PoA.

Standard Practice (HP: Minerva, Gen, G, ficlet) On the Gryffindor class's first lesson of the year, Minerva reflects on her first-year students' performance.

Starting Points (HP: Marauders, Lily, Gen, PG, chaptered) The longest journey begins with a single step. Five youngsters take that first step on September 1st, 1970, when they board the Hogwarts Express for school.

Student in Bloom (HP: Sprout, Gen, G, drabble) Professor Sprout considers Neville.

Survivors (HP: Neville, Luna, Gen, G, ficlet) Neville and Luna repair the greenhouses after the war. Written for pili204's prompt: a Gen Fic featuring Luna and Neville after the war.

Taking Responsibility (HP: Hermione, Gen, AU, PG-13, one-shot) When the troll never appears in the girls' bathroom, Hermione's future takes a very different path.

The Talk (PJO: Reyna/Thalia, Will/Nico, Hazel/Frank, PG-13, one-shot) Reyna has to deliver a certain Talk; Thalia convinces her that delegating tasks is a good thing. Unfortunately, they don't exactly check who they're delegating it to … (Written for Latiwings.)

Tea and History (HP: Dudley, Gen, PG, ficlet) Dudley learns what his mother never told him before. Set during DH.

Ten Steps Forward (HP: George, Gen, PG, one-shot) Post-DH, George struggles to find his feet again. A story told in ten stages. (Written for the DH Missing Moments Invisible Prompt Challenge at the_hp_love.)

Tenth Life (The Host: Ian/Wanda, PG, one-shot) Nine lives that Wanda touched, each playing a part in bringing her to her tenth.

Thankful (HP: Harry, Gen, G, drabble) An ice-cream lady at the zoo notices a skinny boy out with an unlikely family. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'Thankful'.)

A Thousand Years Old (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, G, drabble) Percy and Annabeth admire old European architecture.

Through the Eyes of a Child (HP: Bill, Gen, PG, drabble) Little Billy sees something weird and scary.

Timestamp Meme: Falling with Grace (HP: Lily/James, PG-13, ficlet) Request by spidergirl30: Lily and James' wedding in Falling with Grace.

Timestamp Meme: Rising from Embers (HP: Lily/James, PG, ficlet) Request by queenb23more: Rising from Embers, one hour or so after the end.

Timestamp Meme: Rising from Embers (HP: Lily/James, G, ficlet) Request by angela_147: Rising from Embers, Lily and James in the kitchens (a missing moment between chapters 7 and 8).

Timestamp Meme: Rising from Embers (HP: James, Sirius, Gen, G, ficlet) Request by angela_147: The summer before the start of Rising from Embers.

Timestamp Meme: Waiting (HP: Mrs Granger, Gen, PG, ficlet) Request by msmoocow: Waiting, right after the trio get home, fifth year.

Tragic Love Story (HP: Colin/Romilda, R, chaptered) rarepair_shorts prompt table - 13 ficlets tell the tale of Colin and Romilda's doomed romance through Deathly Hallows.

Traitors (Batman: Gordon Family, Gen, PG-13, ficlet) Traitors. That's what they are. Liars and cowards, but most of all, traitors.

A Trip to the Ocean (PJO: Sally, Percy, Gen, G, ficlet) Sally can't wait to share Montauk with Percy. (Written for percyjacksonweek2k17 day 3.)

Trivia (HP: Tonks, Gen, PG-13, one-shot) Tonks is sent to investigate the death of a Muggle werewolf. Unfortunately, the coroners have already started the autopsy. (Pretty much crackfic born from exam revision.)

Twins (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, ficlet) Annabeth and Percy get their first ultrasound ... and a little surprise.

Uncloaking (HP: James, PG, one-shot) 'You have guessed, I know, why the Cloak was in my possession on the night your parents died. James had shown it to me just a few days previously.' But why did James show Dumbledore the Cloak. And did anyone besides Dumbledore suspect it to be what it is?

Understanding His Girl (HP: Ron, Rose, Gen, G, one-shot) A father/teenage daughter moment between Rose and Ron for pili204.

Unhappy Medium (HP: Lily, Severus, James, PG, one-shot) In between Severus Snape and James Potter is not an easy place to be. Unfortunately, the average day in Lily Evans's fifth year tends to involve that unhappy medium. An study of the interaction among these three characters.

Unity (HP: The Deathly Hallows, G, drabble) They were three.

Untitled (HP: Colin/Romilda, PG, ficlet) Just a short ficlet about Romilda in the Final Battle. (Pre-DH, now AU.)

Unwritten (PD: Ned/Chuck, G, ficlet) For arasnaem's prompt: Young Ned tries to write young Chuck a letter.

Vacations (PJO: Thalia/Reyna, PG, one-shot) Thalia returns. (Post-script to the Curse of Lethe universe.)

Waiting (HP: Mrs Granger, Gen, PG, one-shot) An anxious mother waits for her magical daughter to come home.

A War of Two Worlds Girls (Animorphs, Twilight: Rachel/Tobias, Edward/Bella, PG-13, one-shot) Rachel Berenson meets Bella Swan. Epic catfight ensues. Bonus points for Tobias and Edward inclusion. :) AU Crossover.

We Have Time (The Host: Ian/Wanda, PG-13, ficlet) Ian and Wanda both tried to give each other space. They're happy to realize they were wrong.

Wedding Planning (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot) Planning a wedding is more difficult than Annabeth realised. Fortunately her friends have some tricks up their sleeves. CoL-verse companion piece.

Whirlwind Change (HP: Tonks, G, drabble) Dora Tonks returns home after her first year at Hogwarts, reflecting on how time has really flown by, and her names. (Written for the CM Scribbulous prompt 'School's Out'.)

A Winter's Tale (PJO: Percy/Annabeth, PG, one-shot) Christmas is a time of remembrance, of sharing, and of hope ... even for demigods. Percy and Annabeth celebrate Christmas with family, old friends, and the next generation of children. Set about 10-15 years after the end of Heroes of Olympus. (Written for pjosecretsanta2016.)

The Wrong Answer (HP: Petunia, Gen, G, drabble) Petunia receives a reply by owl.

From Ashes (translated by angela_147)

Rising from Embers (translated by angela_147)

Falling with Grace (translated by angela_147)
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