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This is where you will find fics written by me, shiiki. If you're looking for more about me, you'll want my LJ, shiiki.

I used to write primarily for Harry Potter fandom, but I've branched out quite a bit and am currently dabbling in Percy Jackson. You will find a variety of multi-fandom offerings here, though--they are all on the journal sidebar.

Pairing-wise, I generally like canon pairings. In Harry Potter, Lily/James is my OTP, Neville/Hannah has been growing on me greatly, and I'm all for the OBHWF. However, Colin/Romilda is my adopted rarepair, though, and I have been known to indulge in the odd Draco/Ginny. In PJO, I definitely sail the good ship Percy/Annabeth all the way.

I should mention, however, that I am an utter h0r for genfic. My favourite characters from HP are Neville Longbottom and Sirius Black; in PJO, Annabeth holds my heart. I also love to explore minor characters.

Beyond that ... well, exploring canon in any fandom tends to delight me.

If your fic preferences are along those lines, welcome! Feel free to browse around and friend the journal!

Comments and feedback are most welcome! But basically, just enjoy. :)

Besides my fiction, you will also find recommendations - fic by others that I've read and feel should get more attention. In fact, there are probably more recs here than my works. Writers, after all, are readers first.



I completed 12 2000-word fics in 2008!

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